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4 Things that are as important as your academics

February 2019

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There is no doubt in the fact that getting good marks is important. Your academics are the objective representation of your performance in college. After all, you have invested so many resources to get yourself enrolled in your dream college and if that not to gain knowledge then what is it for. 

But the ever increasing amount of stress and anxiety that college students face with respect to their academic performance is quite worrying. Almost every student on the college campuses can be seen fretting over their marks at the end of every semester. Students who haven't been able to maintain or improve their marks often depict increased stress levels and lower self-esteem. 

Which raises the question, 'are academic grades the most important thing in a student's life'? Well, to be truthful, not entirely. Academic grades are important but so are many other things. For a few years down the line, once you are settled in your career, your grades wouldn't hold much importance. Thus, in this article, we have discussed a few things that are as important as your academics, if not more.

Your General Well Being

'Health is Wealth' this is a very famous proverb and surely you must have heard it somewhere or the other. However, when you consider this saying from the context of a college student you'll see that it quite aptly fits them. Rushing from one lecture to another during the day, fighting off the sleep at night to finish the assignments before the deadline and then taking care of your other responsibilities, college students are burden with quite a lot. And in their struggle to keep up with all this they often miss out on the one thing that's most important, that is, their health. Whether it be physical, mental or spiritual your general health matters a lot. Simply put, if you are not well then, you will not be able to perform your daily tasks with the same efficiency as when you are in the best of your health. Pushing yourself to perform better academically is good but one should be mindful of the fact that you are not doing it at the cost of your health. Pay equal attention to your health, for if you are healthy only then will you be able to perform your best and reap the results of your effort.

The People You Care About

Spending quality time with your loved ones is very important. Studies have often shown that a hug or a lively conversation with a loved one helps a lot in distracting your mind of negative thoughts and also to reduce the stress levels in your mind. So, if you feel that your college is getting in the way of spending some quality time with your friends and family then maybe you need to revise your study schedule or squeeze out some time for your loved ones. From the many things that college teaches you one of them is that relationships matter a lot. Having a support system, people that you can rely upon, people who genuinely care about your well being is essential to lead a happy life. Just think of it, what if you become the richest person in the world but have no one to share that accomplishment with, then would it really bring you any happiness? Certainly not, for success is best enjoyed when you have someone to share it with. So, make sure to take some time out and spend it with your loved ones. Even a small call to your mom asking how she is doing is a great way to stay in touch.

Connections and Skills

When it comes to sending out job applications having a good academic background alone won't suffice. For employers, today are not just looking for great academics but also for practical skill sets and work experience. Learn some extra skills related to your field. You need not become an expert in them but having a basic working knowledge of things can certainly give you an edge over your fellow applicants. The connections that you develop within the industry of your choice also go a long way to help you kick-start your career. Some of you might have come across a scenario where a student with a good academic background is struggling to find a good internship whereas an average student easily finds one in a good organization. Ever wondered how's that possible? Well, the simplest of explanations is that the average student had good connections within the industry. This is the reason why being buried in your books alone isn't going to help you. You need to a little bit social also, for a certain amount of networking is important too. If you are not sure how to network then start small start with your seniors, alumni's, family friends in the industry of your choice, people that you can easily approach. Networking can be done in classes, workshops, extra-curricular activities, on-campus student clubs, conferences, seminars or even online on platforms like LinkedIn.

Other College Life Experiences

College life is said to one of the best phases of a student's life. And that surely doesn't include one being buried in their textbooks and notes all day long. It has so much more to offer than just academics. College is often said to be the place that is meant to train you for your life ahead. Problems faced in college are just a glimpse of what's to come once you graduate. If you are able to strike a balance betweeen your academics and your social life as a college students chances are you'll be able to maintain a better work life balance post college. So, take time out to experience the life outside of your academics be it hanging out with friends, trying out new places in town, learning to play a new instrument, watching movies with friends, traveling etc. Just simply do the things that you enjoy doing. College is meant to be the phase where you form some of the memorable memories of life. Have experiences that you'd be proud of and look back at fondly.

To Conclude,

Surely, the things that you learn in class would help you a lot when you step into the real world after graduating. But there are other things also such as the practical skills like that of money management, prioritizing of tasks, multi-tasking etc. that would help you a lot in both your personal and professional lives and a lot many of these skills are usually developed in college life. 

Performing well academically and gaining as much knowledge as you can is essentially your job as a college student and one should strive their best to do it. But that doesn't mean that you forget all other things in life. You must learn to maintain a balance between your academics and things apart from that such as hanging out with friends. Don't be ashamed to have fun and take time out for things apart from your academics and surely do not let anyone else convince you otherwise.

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How to Make the Most of Your Time when Studying

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Studying differs from one person to the next so what works for one may not for another. The ways that you can make the most of your studying time depends on what works best for you.


1. Develop a schedule that will allow you adequate time to study.

Having a schedule makes you see that you have certain things to do and will give you an allocated time that you should be focusing only on your studying.

2 To make the most of time when studying, select the times of day your brain is at its peak performance.

This can vary from individual to individual. Study when your brain functions best to help maximize its performance and reduce redundancy.

3 Study in a comfortable place where you can concentrate without distraction.

Distractions slow down performance because they defocus the mind.

4 Focusing the mind can be difficult especially if you are worrying about something, are tired, and don't know how to study well.

Perhaps one of the greatest skills in studying is being able to do this well as it improves test scores and saves time.

5 Develop a study strategy you know your mind will work well with.

Everyone's brain is wired differently, and we all learn in different ways. Some of us are visual learners others are auditory or kinesthetic learners. Find out what you are and increase the method which you brain learns from best to save more time. For example, if you are an auditory learner listening to lectures on tape and going to class may be more important than reading the text. If one is more visual the textbook and notes become the most important aid in studying.

6 Practice different techniques.

Stay on the look out for new ways to study and create some for yourself. After time studying will become easier and more of a routine than a challenge.

7 Take notes in class on the important things that you are going over so that you have the necessary clues to what you really need to focus on for an exam.

Try to study up on the material before class so that you can refresh your memory in case the teacher calls upon you.

8 Studying itself is a fine art, there may be workshops or even courses on how to improve studying techniques and save time.

One of the cornerstones of education and life is being able to and knowing how to study. There are many things in life that need studying whether it be a homework problem, a hole in the wall, building a model, putting a puzzle together or solving a relationship obstacle. The better one know how to study the more time one will save and the greater one will achieve when it comes around to testing time.

9 Take frequent breaks.

Of course, there are instances where you will need to study or work on homework for much longer than a few hours. In these cases, make sure that you are taking frequent breaks. Every 30 minutes to an hour, get up and stretch your legs to avoid stiffness and muscle cramps. Moving around a bit will get your metabolism going and leave you feeling more energized. A small snack that is high in protein and low in sugar is also a good way to boost your energy. Also try to not spend all your time eating

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Important clauses in commercial lease agreements that tenants should know

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We look at some of the important clauses in commercial lease agreements that tenants should scrutinise, to get the best deal and avoid legal hassles at a later date

When taking a commercial space on rent, an agreement for the same needs to be carefully executed. There is usually a huge rental outgo in commercial establishments and hence, the premises to be taken on rent must be thoroughly checked. The rental agreement forms an important part of your business and the conditions therein, will impact your business and activities, as long as you are in those premises. A lease agreement is usually drafted by the landlord and thus, may contain several conditions that favour the landlord. Even if the lease agreement is being prepared by a broker, using a common template, there are some specific clauses that tenants should check for.

Competitor clause

Try to get a competitor clause in the lease agreement. A competitor clause will prevent the landlord from leasing out space in the same building, in which you are moving, to your competitor. This can be particularly useful, if you are a retailer.

Concessions in rent

Check if the landlord is willing to give certain relaxations, like waiver of the rent for the first one or two months of the lease duration. Landlords are usually pliable, if the premises have been vacant for quite some time. Other relaxations can include sharing of renovation costs or a paint job for the premises, at the expense of the landlord.

Gross rent lease or net rent lease

There should be clarity between you and your landlord, about the components other than the rent, like property tax, maintenance charges, insurance and expenses towards common areas. In a gross rental deed, you will pay the rent and all of the other applicable expenses. In a net lease deed, you will pay only the base rent. In the case of a net lease deed, the rent will be lower but be clear about all the incidental expenses. Check out the electricity meters and see if you will get a separate bill or whether it will be combined with another tenants and if so, how will each tenant’s charges be ascertained.

Leasehold improvement

At times, the tenant may need to carry out renovations or make improvements to the premises, for running the business. This will require the consent of the landlord. Try to get a clause inserted in the agreement for the landlord to give complete or partial compensation, for the renovations. This will be easier to do if the landlord is an individual, rather than a company.

Lease termination conditions

Check the conditions under which the landlord can terminate the lease, as these can often be rigid. One should also plan for circumstances where the building is sold by the landlord, while the lease tenure has not ended.

Lease renewal clause

A lease tenure of one or two years will give you the flexibility, especially if you have a small business, to move out for expansion purposes or to better location, when required. However, there must also be a clause to renew the agreement, after the first one or two years, at the same rent or a hike that is mutually agreed upon. This will insulate you from a sudden jump in rentals, in case you wish to remain in the same property. As a thumb rule, a 10 per cent annual hike in rental, is considered optimal. This can be lower or higher, depending on the supply of similar commercial spaces in that locality and your own situation. It is important to get the proposed increase in rentals in writing, in case you renew the agreement.

Security deposit and its return

There will be a fixed amount that you have to deposit with the landlord, as security. This security deposit will be a multiple of the monthly rent and is usually the equivalent of two or three months’ rent. Try and negotiate this amount. If there are many vacant commercial establishments in that locality, or if the landlord is not a corporate, there is greater scope for negotiation over this amount. Tenants should also examine the conditions pertaining to the return of the security deposit.

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