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12 Fun Weekend Activities To Do With Your Family

Weekend Entertainment In Thane
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The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences and becoming a loving family. Now a days it has become very difficult to spend consistent, quality time with one’s family. We are so busy with our own personal lives that we hardly make time to talk and share experiences or stories with the members of our family. A strong family finds that opportunities for quality time emerge from quantity time. But then, only if you spend quality time with each member, a family becomes strong. So it is a catch-22 situation!

Why Is Family Time Necessary?

Spending time together strengthens the family bond, improves your child’s academic performance, help your kid’s develop parenting skills and less chance of violence, drug abuse and behavioral problems such as aggression, which is very common among children these days. Distractions such as the TV, video games and cell phones have kept families away from enjoying time with your near and dear ones. Eating meals together, talking about the events of the day, sharing joys and defeats, doing household chores together and spending some evenings popping corn and watching movies are examples of shared activities. Some families schedule one evening every week for special family fun activities. Here is a list of family fun things to do on this weekend that will help you have fun with your families and spend quality time with them.

Fun Things To Do On The Weekend With Family

1. Home Video Night:

All kids love to see themselves when they were younger. Pop in a tape of their younger days or create a slideshow using pictures of them growing up. Parents wedding tapes also fascinate kids. Just make sure to fast-forward if your video is 6 hours long. The point is not to bore them to death!

2. Interactive Movie Night:

Watch a movie together as a family. A great way to keep this idea interactive includes watching a film with a controversial message and discussing it afterwards. This way the child learns value lessons as well. You can also watch age-appropriate documentaries about environmental or world issues, and stimulate discussion.

3. Engage In A Family Competition:

An art contest, may be? All it takes is some crayons, markers, paper, glue, tape and some odds and ends from around the house. When you involve your kids in a group task, you encourage feelings of self-esteem and competence. Make the task more memorable by giving a little prize to each kid, for his or her creation.

4. Cook And Eat:

Always remember the family who eats together, stays together. So make it a point to have a “Family Meal Night”, where you and everyone prepares food; you can even have a world cuisine day, and enjoy delicacies from various countries. This is a great lesson in teamwork and everyone will love the tasty meal cooked together. Encourage your child to come with her own dish, of course with you as a helper along the way!

5. Lets Play:

Arrange for a cricket match with your old school friends. Or a tennis match, or even a Frisbee match! Ask your children to arrange a match for both the adults as well as the younger ones. This is one way that makes you have fun AND lose some much-needed kilos off your body! If you have the incentive, you can even ask for local sponsors and make this a neighbourhood event.

6. Barbecue:

A barbecue is the best idea for outdoor activities. Invest in a small barbeque stove. Call your family members and prepare for a barbecue party. Each family can take up one responsibility; the one with the largest garden or open space can host the party. Family bonding activities are a great way to bond and a nice treat never hurts, does it?

7. Beach Day:

Take your entire family to the nearest beach in town. Make sand castles, take a dip in the water, play games on the beach. Going to the beach is super fun when you are with your family. You bond with them in a fun way. Collecting shells is also a very cool idea and you never know it may become a hobby?

8. Science Museum:

Visit your nearby museum with your family, which is going to satisfy your child inquisitive side, ranging from marine life to astrology and everything in between. Science museums concentrate on static display of objects, which is going to be loved by your kids. Art and city museums will improve your child’s aesthetic and general knowledge.

9. Board Games:

A fun-packed weekend needn’t cost a fortune. Board games such as scrabble are a great way to make the weekend fun for all members of the family. Remember the breathless excitement of those childhood Monopoly marathons? Dig out the old board games from the attic and teach a new generation to play.

10. Visit A Zoo:

It is always fun to go see wild animals in the zoo! This is the kind of activity that is fun and serves all age groups. You could go to the nearest zoo or sanctuary in your city. It’s a great way to have a short break and helps you connect with nature.

11. Theme Parks:

Plan a trip to the nearest theme park on weekend. Invite your other family members to join you’ll for this trip. And hey, if your budget allows it, you can even plan for a trip of a life time and visit Disneyland! Remember, the more members, the merrier. Enjoy this fantastic trip!

12. Camping:

Grab a tent and tell stories while sitting around the campfire. Ask your children to identify animals and the noises of insect or something interesting like collecting backyard materials for making a project. It is good to remind the children that fun doesn’t have to cost money.
There are a million and one ways to make time with your family, and we have given a few in this article. Spending time with your family is never a waste and is always going to build fond memories. It makes the house a cheerful place and helps improve communications between family members.

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SMT. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane

The school was founded in 1969 by late Shri. Gopalkrishna Singhania in memory of his wife Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania.
SMT. Sulochanadevi Singhania School - Schools in Thane
Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, located in lush green surroundings of Jekegram in the heart of the city of Thane. The premier institution was started in 1969 by Shri. Gopalkrishna Singhania. Over the years, it has grown to accommodate children from all walks of life. Today, it has 6400 students on roll from KG to Std 12.
The school is an unaided linguistic minority institution run by the Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania Trust. Air Cdre. Vijaypat Singhania is the Chairman and has on its Board of Governors, eminent professionals from the field of Management and Education.
SMT. Sulochanadevi Singhania School - Schools in Thane

Mission :

“Offer equal opportunities to all so that they could rise to their full potential”
- Shri Gopal Krishna Singhania

Vision :

“To educate students to excel as a human being and be better than the best in all field of activities.”

What They Believe In :

The School can be characterized as a learning society dedicated to the noble cause of education. There motto is “Offer equal opportunities to all so that they rise to their fullest potential”. In keeping with this motto, the school offers all the students an opportunity to participate in each and every activity of the School. This, they believe, will promote an element of confidence, maturity and courage in students. Every child is gifted. They aim to tap their latent potential, to develop it to its fullest… thus preparing them for life. Besides academics, there is emphasis on sports and other activities like Military Training, Civil Defence, NCC, Scouts and Guides. The students are trained in art, music, dance, cookery, tailoring, public speaking etc. All these are compulsory for all the students and is a part of the curriculum.
Above all the School believes in inculcating a strong value system in every child passing through its portal. Values cannot be taught through textbooks. Hence every activity of the School leaves behind lessons on ethics and values which will remain with a child through his life.

The School :

The School offers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Programme to the students in classes IX and X. & Indian School Certificate (ISC) programme to students of classes XI & XII.

SMT. Sulochanadevi Singhania School - Schools in Thane

The Learning Environment :

  • Enable pupils to develop their ideas through independent enquiry;

  • Enable pupils to take appropriate responsibility for the organization and care of learning resources;

  • Enable pupils to make the best use of space and learning resources;

  • Are organized so that pupils have suitable access to learning resources of good quality;

  • Reflect the current areas of study of the National Curriculum, including literacy and numeracy.

  • Contain high quality, stimulating and interactive visual aids which celebrate pupils' achievements and which help them with the work in hand so that they attempt to solve problems for themselves;

  • Engage and encourage pupils' learning by promoting a sense of pride in their own achievements and the achievements of others. Enable pupils to use ICT to enhance their learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Informal Spaces In Learning : -

Students spend a large proportion of their time outside class. Students and faculty value the time spent with peers discussing academic work or other topics. Spaces that catalyze social interaction and impromptu conversations contribute to personal and professional growth. These informal spaces, often combining food services and wireless access, are ideal for casual activities including searching the Internet, catching up on e-mail, or chatting with friends. Indoor and outdoor spaces can become study areas within the framework of discipline.

Aim of The School : -

SMT. Sulochanadevi Singhania School - Schools in Thane
Through the School programmes they wish to create the future leaders of India who have in them the traditional values for which our country is well-known and at the same time are able embrace modern technology to take India to greater heights of progress and development.
The school wishes that its students have the wings to fly, and take pride in their roots that will keep them grounded.

Contact :

How to Have Fun at a Mall

Entertainment In Thane
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If you like to visit the mall, you know it’s more than just a place for shopping. It can be somewhere to hang out with friends, have a bite to eat, watch interesting people, and go see movies. Because the mall is such a popular spot, there are plenty of ways to have fun, even if you don’t want to spend much money.

1. Having Fun in Mall Stores

Try on clothes.

Of course, a large part of the mall experience is shopping, but even if you aren’t going to buy anything, trying on clothes can still be a lot of fun. Try on cute outfits or outfits in a completely different style than what you’d normally wear or fancy formal attire.

If you’re with a friend at the mall, secretly pick out clothes for each other to try on. Mismatched outfits will make you laugh, and you might even find you look great in something you didn’t know you’d like.

Play with pets at the pet store.

If you can, pet the rabbits, kittens, and puppies. Watch the smaller animals in their cages. Find your favorite little critters, and give them silly names. Watch how they behave in their cages.

Play with pets at the pet store.

If you can, pet the rabbits, kittens, and puppies. Watch the smaller animals in their cages. Find your favorite little critters, and give them silly names. Watch how they behave in their cages.

Flip through magazines at the bookstore.

A bookstore can be a great place to hang out in your mall and get a little reading time in.
  • Find a chair, and flip through your favorite magazines and books.

  • You can read them without needing to buy anything.

Enjoy non-clothing stores.

The mall isn’t just about shopping for shoes or clothes. Make sure to go in all the other stores and have some fun.
  • Sniff all the candles, and try lotions in stores like Bath & Body Works.

  • Find funky gadgets, and try out massage chairs at places like Brookstone.

  • Pay a visit to the Apple store, and test-drive the latest iPad or MacBook. Leave a funny video for the next customer.

  • Go in a store like Williams Sonoma for free samples of gourmet foods.

Watch the televisions at a television display.

You can often find these in department stores like Sears. Look for movies or televisions shows that you like. If the employees don’t look busy, you can even see if they will change the channel for you.

2. Playing Games in the Mall

Play a people-watching game.

In malls, there are all kinds of interesting people to watch. Make it a game with your friends. For example, play people-watching “Bingo.” Come up with categories before you begin. For example, categories might be: a person with bright pink hair, a child on a leash, or a person with five different shopping bags. Whoever spots a certain number of the categories first, wins. Add a silly prize to the game. Maybe the winner gets candy from the vending machine or something at the food court.

Go to the arcade.

Many malls having gaming centers or arcades, which can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Go play games like ski ball with your friends. Take a pre-determined amount of money, whether it’s a dollar or ten dollars to spend in the arcade, so you don’t end up spending more than you meant to.

Play hide-and-seek in the mall without it being too obvious.

Choose a store, or a group of stores to play in. Get one of your friends to count inside their head while pretending to shop. You and the rest of your friends can go hide in your predetermined area. While you hide, pretend to be shopping. This can be quite funny, as you try to act casual while hiding.

Dance behind people.

This can be a great dare with your friends. Pick a stranger to dance behind.
  • Stand several feet behind this person and begin to dance. You want to be clearly behind them but not invading their personal space. Don’t dance in a way that could be seen as vulgar. Stay on the silly side.

  • If they turn around to look, stop immediately.

  • After a few minutes, casually walk away.

  • Don’t forget to have your friend video tape your dancing for laughs later.

Enjoy non-clothing stores.

Pretend to live in the home goods store. This is a great game to play in stores like Pottery Barn. Try out beds and couches.

Or, pretend like you are shopping for a house, and pick out your favorite furniture.
  • Sniff all the candles, and try lotions in stores like Bath & Body Works.

  • Find funky gadgets, and try out massage chairs at places like Brookstone.

  • Pay a visit to the Apple store, and test-drive the latest iPad or MacBook. Leave a funny video for the next customer.

  • Go in a store like Williams Sonoma for free samples of gourmet foods.

Find the most expensive item.

If your mall has lots of posh stores, go in with your friends. Create a challenge to see who can find the most expensive and overpriced item. Once you’ve picked your items, have another friend determine whose item is the most absurd.

Ride one of the shopping mall's mechanical rides.

Even if you’re older, you can have fun feeling like a kid again and laugh about it with friends. Usually these rides are fairly inexpensive, around a dollar or less.

Listen for cute things that toddlers say.

You will find little kids in toy stores and children’s clothing stores.
  • Smile at them as you walk by.

3. Going to the Food Court

Going to the Food Court

Mall free samples are a great way to get a free snack or two. Make sure you try everything they have to offer. Make a visit to the food court when you first arrive at the mall and then a second trip a few hours later. You can get seconds on your free samples.

Assemble an around-the-world meal.

Food courts are great because they have so much variety. Together with your friends, buy something small from all the different food court restaurants that you like. Then, lay out all your tasty entrees, and share with your friends. That way, you get to have a bite of everything.

Buy a treat.

Even if you don’t want to pay for an entire meal, the food court can be a place to buy a small treat to fuel the rest of your mall adventure. Get something like a cinnamon pretzel or a milkshake from your favorite food court restaurant.

Pay it forward.

Buy something small like an ice cream for someone else as an act of generosity.

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Six Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Health Care Facilities in Thane
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There are countless opportunities to pile on extra pounds during the holiday season. If you’re anything like me, it’s difficult to turn down all that scrumptious food and drink. And guess what? You shouldn’t! Forget denial and follow these science-based strategies to enjoy the season healthfully without making that tired resolution to lose the weight come the first of the year.

1. Eat Mindfully

It takes time for our brains to respond to satiety signals that say “Stop eating! You’re full!” They’re either drowned out by our desire for more yumminess or because we are not giving our body the chance to react. The holiday season is meant to be savored, so enjoy each delectable dish to its fullest by eating mindfully. Chew slowly and focus on the experience. As a result, you’ll eat less food overall and have fewer stomachaches from overconsumption. Perhaps consider following the Okinawan adage “Hara Hachi Bu,” which roughly translates to “eat until you’re 80% full.” After all, traditional dietary practices like these have helped Okinawans become one of the longest-lived populations in the world.

2. Drink Water

Liquid calories contribute significantly to our daily energy intake, especially during the holiday season when tasty libations abound. Our bodies aren’t great at recognizing that calories in liquid form contribute to fullness, so we tend to pack them on as extra. Choosing water rather than an alcoholic or sugar-sweetened beverage means you’re consuming fewer calories. Extra-added bonus: you’re less likely to be “that person” at the office holiday party. (You’re welcome.)

3. Focus on Veggies and Fruits

Holiday treats tend to be loaded in calories and rarely feature lighter fare like vegetables and fruits. “Eat more plants” may sound like tired advice, but there are so many festive ways to prepare plant-based dishes for your holiday table that help boost nutrition and keep calories in check. Think: spinach salad with ruby-red pomegranates and crunchy toasted almonds; roasted butternut squash with crimson cranberries and caramelized onions; or spicy arugula with figs and pine nuts in a zesty vinaigrette. And why not feature fruit for dessert, like red wine poached pears with blackberries?

4. Select Smaller Plates and Cups

Selecting smaller plates and cups leads to less food and drink consumed. Try setting your holiday table with smaller place settings. Choosing smaller plates is especially important in a buffet situation, which is a recipe for over-indulgence given all of the tasty choices for the taking. And smaller portions also means you’re more likely to finish what’s on your plate, which means less food waste.

5. Watch Your Weight

Weight gain occurs incrementally, and stepping on a scale either daily or several times a week is the easiest way to tell whether you’re holiday feasting has gone awry. Weight gain around the waist is especially harmful because of its inflammatory effect, so keeping track of how your clothes fit throughout the season is also key.

6. Get Out and Play

Weight gain is, ultimately, a simple equation: consuming more calories than you’re burning will lead to storage of energy as body fat. So the other side of energy balance—physical activity—needs to be on the list. Maintaining a fitness routine is a challenge during the holiday season, but the fact remains that we should actually increase our activity to offset the extra calories we’re consuming. Figure out what works for you and stick to it. And if stuff gets in the way, don’t beat yourself up; just get back out there when you can.
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Mango Holidays Share Something In Common, A Passion For Travel.

Book Your Holidays & Tour Packages With Mango Holidays

Their aim at Mango Holidays is to create for their guests; an Experience of a Lifetime!!

About Mango Holidays

Mango Holidays
The journey of Mango Holidays (India) Private Limited began on January 1st, 2008. Since inception, the growth has been phenomenal. In a short span of time, we have opened offices in prime locations in Mumbai & Pune.

They provide every travel related solution. They organize group tours, customized packages, corporate tours (MICE), provide visa assistance & also take care of air tickets, travel insurance & forex needs.

Their mission at Mango Holidays is to focus on values over volumes and quality over quantity with absolutely honest and ethical interactions at each stage.
Mango Holidays
Source : www.mangoholidays.in

Why Mango Holidays

Values over Volumes

They organize a few exclusive tours to each destination annually and hence have the time and ability to give undivided attention to all the intricacies of the tour so that they can surpass all the expectations of their guests. At Mango Holidays are a group of passionate & committed individuals who are relentlessly contributing towards discovering innovative ways of making your holidays a cheerful and beautiful experience for you.

Quality over Quantity

They deliver absolute quality - the finest airlines, premium coaches, stays in the most exquisite hotels, the best tour managers and delectable food so that guests have a supreme travelling experience. That ensures that their guests have a safe, comfortable, informative, fun-filled and entertaining holiday. Their growth has been possible only because as a company policy, They believe in excellence in quality and do not compromise on that front.

Honest & Ethical Interactions

As They believe in transparency and honesty in their dealings, they guarantee that no hidden costs will take their guests by surprise during the course of the tour. Hence, they have all inclusive tour prices. Since inception, the journey for Mango Holidays has been a roller coaster ride with each day turning out to be more challenging, enthralling and fulfilling than the prior. In their pursuit of excellence they continually strive to create not just happy but delighted customers.
Mango Holidays
Source : www.mangoholidays.in

Corporate Tours

Who doesn’t want to take a detour from routine life to experience something different and get refreshed? They make it just as simple as it sounds! All you have to do is call us and they can organise it all for you!


Their meeting planning has seen it all from the work on large corporate meetings to small non-profit forums.


Take your employees on an incentive tour as a reward for brilliant performance or to recharge them to deliver a terrific performance.


Their staff has experience planning social gatherings, banquets/galas, trade shows, business meetings, conferences etc.


They manages many types of exhibitions and events from small scale to large scale organisation.


They works seamlessly to achieve your vision and make your event a memorable experience.

Product Launches

They understand how important a strategic, message-driven product launch that’s why we offer our professional services.

Team Building Excersice

Organise team-building exercises to encourage bonding between employees.


A perfectly executed experience, with unique touches will make your employees feel special and appreciated.

In order to give shape to your ideas, Mango Holidays can provide the following services to you:

  • Suggest ideal locations based on your requirements.
  • Reservation of the venue and accommodation.
  • Visa assistance for participants.
  • Organisation of accommodation & sightseeing for those who want to extend their stay prior to or after the tour.
  • Organize spouse programs & make all arrangements for accompanying guests. Conceptualization and organisation of gala / theme dinners.
  • Meet and greet services during arrivals.
  • Audio visual recording of the event / conference etc.
  • Reservation of special evening venues / shows / other entertainment if needed.

Mango Holidays
Source : www.mangoholidays.in

Mango Holidays Provides Group Tour Packages And Customized Tours

How to Book?

Dear Guest,
Once you have finalized the tour you wish to book, you can visit any of their Offices and place your booking with us. If time does not permit you to do so, for your convenience we can send our representative to you for completing the booking formalities.

Requirements at the time of booking:

Booking form-

Passport valid for minimum 6 months from the date of arrival at the destination (of all the guests who are travelling). For Malaysian visa, the passport must be valid for 9 months from the date of arrival at the destination.

Booking amount / Full payment depending on the time of booking

Note: Passport / document requirements may differ for certain Embassies / Consulates and are subject to change.

Package Price in INR / Booking amount in INR

Upto 20,000 5,000
20,001 – 50,000 10,000
50,001 – 1,00,000 25,000
1,00,001 – 3,00,000 40,000
Above 3,00,001 60,000

Visa Documentation:

After you book their tour, Mango Holidays visa officer will guide you about the applicable visa formalities. You are requested to submit the required documents within the timeframe given by our visa officer. Some consulates may call you for a personal interview.

Changes in pre-defined tour programme:

Kindly intimate the booking person in advance for any amendment in tour programme so that the necessary arrangements can be made. Depending on the amendments needed, additional charges would be applicable.

Cancellation policy :

In case you need to cancel the tour, you will need to inform us in writing. The cancellation charges are follows:

More than 45 days prior to the tour departure date – Booking Amount 45 – 30 days prior to the tour departure date – 50% of the total cost 30 -15 days prior to the tour departure date – 75% of the total cost 15 – 0 days prior to the tour departure date – 100% cancellation will apply Visa Fee & Service charges are non refundable No refund either in part or in full will be made for any unused part of the services provided in the package.

Contact Mango Holidays

  •  Address : 702, 7th Floor, Tulsee Chambers, Pachpakhadi, Opp. Teen Petrol Pump,Thane (W) – 400 602, Maharashtra
  •  Contact No : +91 22- 25450017 / 18 / 19 / 20
  •  Email : info@mangoholidays.in
  •  Website : www.mangoholidays.in
                                                                               Source: www.mangoholidays.in

How to keep children entertained during the holidays

Entertainment In Thane
Image Source: freepik.com
Knowing how to keep children amused through the school holidays can sometimes be daunting for parents, especially when things cost so much. Family Lives have come up with some top tips to help take some of the stress out of it, and keep everyone happy without needing to spend a fortune.

Going out and about

During the school holidays, there may be lots going on in your local area that your family can enjoy, often for free. Check the websites of your local council and tourist information centres for local days out, or scan the local papers and community centres to see what's going on in your area. Visit your local library and look for adverts of events. Many libraries hold events such as story time, and arts and crafts days. Libraries are also a great source of activity in themselves, with plenty of books and computers to keep children busy, plus they often have story time for toddlers and parents.
  • Check to see if your local council swimming pool offers free or reduced-fee entrance in the school holidays.

  • Musuems and galleries often have new exhibitions and events running in the summer. Many art galleries put on special events for children and families - this could be just the thing to stimulate your child's artistic streak.

  • Check out your local leisure centre - there are plenty of indoor sports and activities they can participate in.

Staying at home

Of course, on some days, you will find yourselves stuck at home, but that doesn't mean anyone has to be bored. You could take the opportunity to spend some time sharing a favourite game or story with your children or, if you want some more inspiration, try some of these activities.
  • Arrange a movie day - choose a couple of favourite films, get some popcorn and put your feet up with the kids.

  • Get cooking - pick a recipe with the kids, go shopping for ingredients and cook something together that you can enjoy eating afterwards. Depending on your child’s age and interest, this could be anything from a simple sponge cake to a mushroom stroganoff! Dig out the puzzles, games and books and give them a go. Some good old-fashioned entertainment can be really fun.

  • Have a look in your cupboards and play dress up with your old clothes. Sort through your clothes together and recycle the ones that you never wear and the stuff your little one's grown out of.

  • Encourage the kids to put on a play or a magic show. They could even use the dress up clothes and props from around the house. If you have a camera, you can even film it, for great memories.

  • Build a den with the kids - if the weather is ok, you could even risk doing this outside! All you need is some boxes or sofa cushions, a few blankets, and a bit of imagination.

  • Create a scrapbook together using photos from your family album, or torn from magazines.

The great outdoors (and the garden!)

Sunny days are great for simple activities like picnics and ball games. This can be done as close to home as in the back garden!
  • Organise a treasure hunt around your home and garden with clues and treats for the children to find

  • Hold your own mini Olympics with games that require little equipment... a sack race with pillowcases, a tug of war with a dressing gown belt! Use your imagination.

  • If outside is dry, wrap up and go to the park or a nice walk somewhere quiet with the children with a flask of hot chocolate - sure to go down a treat!

  • If you have a tent, you could arrange a camping trip in your garden with the children for one night!

  • Kites are great if it is a windy day and they can be bought from bargain shops very cheaply

Making your own fun

Be creative - make things together like greeting cards or use beads to make some jewellery.
  • Have an arts and craft day and get some canvas and paints, they can be bought in bargain shops for as little as a pound and use paints or crayons and the kids can hang up their creations in their rooms.

  • Make a list of your favourite childhood games - old favourites such as hopscotch, putting on a show or marbles won't cost the earth and your children will enjoy you reminiscing!

  • In the evenings get the kids to design a game that you can make the next day - give them ideas to keep it simple such as a paper boat race in the paddling pool or homemade skittles using a tennis ball and empty toilet rolls.

  • Have you ever thought about Origami? All you need is paper and instructions which can be found online, will keeps kids amused and they will learn a new skill
Don't try and fill every minute of every day. Encourage your children's imagination and independence - let them play in their rooms or the garden.

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